Acne Scar


Facial Acne Scar Treatment

by Gail Jones

Facial acne scars are a sad reminder of having suffered pimples or even severe cases of acne previously. They are intolerable because of their seeming permanence and their non-complimentary appearance. Generally speaking, facial acne scar treatment is rather difficult, but tissue regeneration and resurfacing is not impossible these days with all the amazing advancements in types of treatments. Facial acne scar treatment can be achieved by facial cosmetic surgery and sometimes by over-the counter products as well.

In general terms, when referring to skin tissue scarred by acne, we are talking about the healed lesions caused by a previous breakout of oily, blocked pores. While most rough tissue are temporary and disappear naturally over time, those from the more severe forms of acne can be permanent, which is when you may want to turn to treatments for facial acne scarring.

Serious scarring may be prevented if the sufferer visits a dermatologist when the damaged skin is in an early stage, especially if nodules or cysts accompany the red pustules on the skin's surface. If the bouts of acne have already scarred your skin, you will have to approach the issue from another perspective, which usually involves delicate deep skin cosmetic surgery.

Laser resurfacing is one possible way of removing the damaged skin areas and stimulating the organic regrowth of the skin tissue beneath. This procedure of facial acne scar treatment involves the use of local anaesthesia and can take between a few minutes and an hour depending on the extent of the damage.

Fractional laser therapy is one of the most recent methods of eliminating facial scarring. It involves surgical intervention at deep skin levels. This  treatment of scarred tissue on areas of sensitive skin is superior to both dermabrasion and laser resurfacing in terms of quality and involves a much reduced healing period too. Nevertheless, fractional laser therapy remains within the reach of only those few fortunate people, who can afford it, since it is the most expensive facial acne treatment available so far.

It can be that further facial scar treatment sessions are required to improve the condition of the upper layers of skin if there are red or brown marks, before they can start the deep level treatment of the facial scarring. The doctor may inject collagen into the scars in order to raise the normal skin level or he/she may suggest micro-dermabrasion for the same reason.facial acne scar treatment

Trying to perform chemical surface tissue peels for the treatment of scarring at home is a bad idea due to the risk of aggravating the condition. You could just aggravate the scarring even further.

As for the types of acne scars, they can be grouped by the way they look and facial acne scar treatment varies accordingly. Scars can result because of an increase of tissue or because of a loss of tissue They both have an adverse impact on the way the face looks. Specialists' evaluations of the nature of the scars is an extremely important factor in deciding on the selection of one kind of facial acne scar treatment or another.